Monday, October 11, 2010

A Million THANKS!! :))

Okie dokie, the EVENT was yesterday.. Aidan's Spongebob/ Bikini Bottom Party, yet i am still pretty much rasa tired, exhausted sangat3.. Hahaha.. Yup, nasib baik most of the things i dah prepared awal2 like 7 months back (true, masa Aidan baby lagi, hahaha), but still, bila nak dekat party tuh jer, kena sibuk lak with the decorating process.. With my condition, i able to do this and that with the help of his grannies, aunts, uncle and cousins.. Thanks to everyone for helping mummy and daddy.. :)

Entry on the day itself?? Huhuhu.. Definitely not today.. :) Let me take my own sweet time on this, hehehe.. Hilang letih, we would surely post it here.. :) However, highlights on yesterday :
1. Able to meet my secondary friend, Asmarian for sure, Puan Shafawati!! Miss you dear, and Nia is one cute girl.. :) Thanks to Facebook, sebab jumpakan kitorang balik.. Kekeke..

2. Able to meet my circle of blogger moms - Fatin, Fad, Bai, Steph, Anita, Siti.. :) Looking forward for Ryan's BIG party! :)

3. Able to meet Kak Lisa, and also Kak Fair.. :) Both of them are my husband's cousins, and yesterday was the first time i got to meet Kak Fair, and she is really gorgeous, and kurus, okay?? :P

4. Cuppies Jaja from The Baking Fairies were awesome! And yummy too.. Nanti i upload gambar.. :)

5. Experience doing the whole decorations with Achik, her friend, Laili.. And with the help of Aunty Evie on the stands, we were able to come up with our own version of ballon- not- so- arch.. hahaha.. :P Save kechingggggg! :P

6. Aidan's presents pun banyak, and most of them, are educational toys, and i think this is gonna be his 1 year stock of toys.. No toys dah pasni.. Hahaha.. However, he is still waiting for his Mak Ketam's present.. Tihihi.. :P

7. We love all the presents, but among them that really leave me with 'that moment' were these 2 presents from my family.. Aidan's best pose? pictures.. Hahaha.. and ofcoz the lovely wordings/ note that were pasted on this one huge board.. And they were all being written by all of my family members.. and my heart just stopped for awhile, after seeing the names of some of my siblings yang jauh, but ada notes from them.. E.g: My sis Sha, in Arizona, and her family, and ofcoz, Eng and family in Kedah, together with Anjang and family.. I had a moment after seeing their names.. It is definitely the BEST preset ever, and we shall keep it in Aidan's room.. So much LOVE, Aidan.. :) p/s: Fatin and Far, since when this project ran yek?? :P

8. One note that left me with a smile is ' inspiration comes from the unexpected!'.. So true in my eyes, since Aidan is a premature baby, unexpected is actually 'him' and he is definitely my inspiration.. :) - Far, and Atin, who's ayat is that?? Just love it.. :)

Okie dokie, these are some of the highlights, and more stories on everything will be posted here.. Hehehe.. Take care, guys!! :)

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