Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One shame2 baby!

Yesterday i got to meet my gynae, Dr Siti.. After 2 days of experiencing tummy cramps, memang not comfortable sangat.. But i chose to keep it low, sebab tak nak lah manjakan diri ni sangat.. But hari Ahad, makin menjadi2.. Mungkin gak sebab i banyak move sana sini, terlari- lari nak kejar/angkat Aidan and so forth, my tummy jadi cramp.. Sampai malam tuh, i rasa tummy i keras sangat, and ofcoz memang tak comfortable at all..

So yesterday, i went to see her, for check up.. Memang i kena jumpa Dr Siti on the 7th, just that i pegi like few days awal.. :) Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. Baby also memang active, sampai Dr Siti tak dapat nak bagi i dengar heart beat baby.. He or she kept on moving and active sangat.. Unlike Aidan yang at this point of time last year, dah tunjuk dah gender dia.. Let the mummy and daddy knew that a baby boy was on his way.. Hehehe.. Cute!

But, adik Aidan chose the opposite.. "Not yet mummy, daddy.. I am not ready!".. Hmmm.. mungkin ini lah my baby fikir kan?? To be frank my instinct dah macam tau that i am carrying a girl or a boy.. Just that i tak nak come into conclusion sorang2, so let the expert jer let me know about it.. :) However, currently, i just love this one name, but it is actually a boy's name.. Hehehe.. Suker sangat, and somehow i think a baby boy will do.. Bukan apa, i think kalau boy, Aidan ada geng, and kalau girl, memang they will play with each other, but it will be different in a way.. Hmmm.. :)

InsyaAllah, lagi 5 weeks, i kena pegi for another check- up.. Hope for the best, and mungkin that time, my baby will no longer put mummy in the dark.. Hehehe.. :) I love you, LOVE! And mummy love Aidan gak! :) You 2 are my everything.. :)

p/s: My baby LOVE, you have a very awesome brother, and his name is Aidan.. He is very fun to be with, cheeky, and just love to smile, and dance.. He will be the best brother you could ask for, and i know, Aidan would be delighted to have you in our lives.. The 3 of us would cherish all the love the world has got to offer you, and we shall go through this life together.. I have many projects to do with my children, and i just can't wait! :)) Love both of you so much! :)
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