Thursday, November 4, 2010

Okay, confirmed, Aidan dah boleh 'walk'.. :)

Yeahhhhh! Happy nyer to see Aidan berjalan yesterday (3rd November 2010- 1 year, 1 month, and 22 days).. Yer, more than 10 steps, dah balance a little bit, and he seemed to enjoy it, walaupun jatuh, bangun balik.. And Opah went 'haaaaa, ni dah kira boleh jalan dah la ni..'_ CHOMEIII! :) Chet, macam tarikh keramat lak kan?? Hahahaha.. Yerlah, one excited mom! Yer, i know, anak2 lain pun berjalan, but not all mom yang akan bercerita about it, as it is normal.. Hehehe.. Still, i choose to write on my son's accomplishment..

Bukan apa, as i told you before, this blog is one of the sources yang Aidan, one day akan read back, and maybe masa tuh, he will read it with his kids, or wife, masa diorang tgh expecting or something (waaaahhh, jauh mummy fikir) hehehe.. So, it would be awesome, if the wife ask him, 'bila yek you start jalan?' and Aidan macam.. 'let me see, maybe mummy ada write it down somewhere here, in this blog, masa i setahun kot, and haaaaa, here, here it is! When i was 1 year, 1 month, and few days old! :P'.. GOT IT??? :P - and siap with video.. Awesome! (Kan best kalau dulu2 ada video, my mak or pak recorded me, berjalan.. hehehe)- But my arwah pak did recorded his voice and my sis (tak tau which one), masa tengah ajar ABC, and seriously, mana yek cassestte tuh?? Oh my!

That's why this blog memang meant for him, and memanglah asyik2 Aidan, asyik2 Aidan.. Hahaha.. :P

So, good job my darling!!.. Mummy is very proud of you, and even when it hurts sometimes, and mummy is down, you just know how to cheer me up, without me asking it from you.. Love ya, indefinitely.. :)

p/s: Video on army crawling, crawling, and walking will be posted here later.. :)

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