Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 is just around the corner, so 'bubye' 2010 !! (with kisses and a great big hug)

Dear 2010,

You are definitely one exciting year for me, 2010! You gave me joy, tears, laughter and a whole pack of memories.. I cherished you, 2010, and i definitely gonna miss you, since you've taught me a lot about life, love, what to expect and not, from everyone or anything in the world.. You encouraged me to be strong, patient, and wiser, in making my decisions for myself, my family, and especially for my darling baby..

You witness not only him in growing big, and become this boy with beautiful heart (inside and out), but you witness my growth too.. ( and hehehe, yup, my tummy too.. :P) We learned a lot from you! And we shall use all the experiences that we have got for our own good later on.. We owe you big time, 2010!

Now, it is time to say good bye.. We have more or less like 2 weeks to still see each other.. We are definitely nervous, as we have no idea what is in store for me and my family later next year.. We hope and pray for the best.. We will cherish the good ones and we will try to be stronger to face all the challenges that life has got to offer us.. InsyaAllah, we will make it.. One fine day.. The day that we shall smile to the world, and pat ourselves for a job well done, for being so patient in going through this challenging life together.. :)

IsyaAllah.. 2011 will be a blast.. Let's pray together.. :)

Enough of the sad2 experience we had in 2010, and let's find out the best part of it!!

2010's best moments :

1. I got to witness Aidan's growth, and his remarkable progress.. Not one day that i missed seeing my baby's handsome face.. Alhamdulillah.. :) From menyulur, merangkak, to his first step.. Wahhh, Allah is GREAT! :)

Vroom.. vroom.. :P

2. Got to spend my birthday with my family.. Yup, the first time i celebrated my birthday as a mommy, and Aidan was there, when i ate my birthday pancake.. He was drooling sebab teringin.. hehehe.. :)

I miss these moments.. :)

Habis tudung mummy Aidan tarik, kan dah senget2.. :P

3. The renovation for the house started, and we were so excited for sure.. Yup, previously, kitorang tumpang MIL's and my sis's.. Hehehe..

4. Got to snap our first pre- raya pic together as a family.. Should be a tradition for my family, InsyaAllah.. :) And ofcoz to celebrate it together for the first time.. :)

5. Got to prepare things for my son's birthday, and i just love all the projects i did for him.. We have quite a few projects done, and coming.. :) I organized everything myself, and i felt so content! Everyone seemed to enjoy the party and yes, ada few things yang last minute tak boleh nak put up sebab hujan and all, but for the rest of the party, i think it was awesome.. :)

6. I got to know that i am pregnant to my baby LOVE! Okay, gap tak jauh, since Aidan was 9 months old at that time.. But we were sooo happy, Daddy, Mummy and Aidan.. :) Yes, i got pregnant 2 years in a row.. Huhuhu.. Jangan tanya how my tulang belakang works.. Dah sakit sana sini.. Huhuhu.. And now, got to know that she's a ladayyy! (girl *wink2) Double joy!

7. Got the green lights from the contractor, and yup, right after raya, we moved in.. Hoorayyy! :)

8. Got to sell my car Z4 (lega! what a relief) and thanks to Abang Syed sebab make it easy for us, he bought it from me, since with my life right now, memang dah tak sesuai sangat for me to drive the car.. Alhamdulillah.. but ofcoz ni pun jatuh dalam perkara yang i sedih berlaku in my 2010.. I love the car sooo sooo much okay?? Huhuhu.. Nangis gak arr, since banyak kenangan with the car, and ofcoz kenangan mostly masa keje.. My ultimate transport to go about buat sale.. Huhuhu.. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, later.. But for sure tak nak dah kete camni.. Hahaha.. I need a car to bring MY KIDS around plak.. So, kete tuh kena la scream 'mak nak bawa anak2 jalan'.. Hehehe.. InsyaAllah..

Miss you.. Huhuhu.. :P

9. Ohhh, got to protect my son, through PruChild plan, with Prudential.. To my baby.. Mummy loves you!

10. Got to bring Aidan here and there, and let him experience one exciting childhood.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Tak der la travel jauh2, but the memory we have created together is priceless.. :)

All in all, yang ni jer yang mummy leh update dulu sebab yang ni jer yang mummy ingat.. Kekekeke.. But seriously, i just love 2010! Ahakssss, serious, not being sarcastic, ofcoz the challenges are there, but i've got one smart boy that surprises me with his new talent day after day, and i got to know that my LOVE is on her way, so why should i complaint?? Hmmmm.. Kan?? Kekeke..

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