Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dino Alive @ Pusat Sains Negara!

Say 'bubye' to Peter Pan Musical Theatre, and say hi to Dino Alive, PSN!

Ok, just now, hubby's cousin Kak Ijan and i berbalas2 comment di FB, sebab i saw her status yang agak best.. Hehehe.. She brought her family to Dino Alive at PSN today, and she told me that it was definitely the best place to experience living with dinasour.. Sebab katanya, the dinasours looked so real, and she even told me that for some kids yang tak biasa with such things they might get scared of them..Terus mummy tanya exit dekat ke tak ngan entrance.. Hahaha..

But, according to her, tempat tuh mmg best and siap ada few sections lagi yang related to sains, and ofcoz kidz corner, just in case the kids nak rest, nak play and in our case, susu panas time.. Hehehe.. So, GREAT! Next week then, sebab this kind of event ada sekali sekala saja, and although Aidan kecil lagi, at least we already exposed him with this and that.. Lagipun, for adults pun fun what?? Right?? Hehehehe..

Okie dokie.. bubye to Peterpan Theatre Musical sebab harituh i came across this one blog, and i guess it belongs to Shazwani Hamid.. Kalau tak silap i, adik Hanis.. Hahaha.. Bukan Hanis Zalikha, Hanis BioAura.. kenalan i lah gak.. Kan Hanis kan?? :P And she went to watch the theatre, and kata nya, amatlah boring, and dia rasa macam lama giler okay nak abis.. Hahaha.. Terus mummy think twice, sebab kalau dia boring, Aidan for sure akan lagi boring.. Hahaha.. And bila Aidan boring, maka tensi lah mummy and daddy!! Hahaha.. Rhymes la plak.. :P

Okie dokie, so yang ni lagi best..! Check out the details.. :)

Kids 4-17 years old RM 5.00
Students with student ID RM 5.00
Adults 18 & above RM 10.00
Family 2 kids + 2 adults RM 25.00
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