Friday, December 17, 2010

Aidan's morning routine.. :)

It's time to DANCE !! Go Aidan, go ! Go Aidan, go! :)

Hello lovelies, this is my son, Aidan and he is doing what he is best at (currently) which is dancing !! He just love to dance, but it is so hard to catch him dancing like, REALLY dancing when he is aware that mummy is recording what he's doing.. It will distract him for sure.. And yesterday morning, mummy tried so hard to record his dance moves, and as usual, my kicik will eventually catch me with my camera.. Hmmm.. :P

But, Aidan can't simply seat still when Yo Gabba Gabba plays it's 'It's time to Dance' song, and it is simply Aidan's fav! He just love it, and will try to imitate them, in his own way (takder la sama, but he feels like that, i supposed) hahaha..

Okay, his routine everyday, 15 mins morning exercise time (before heading to Opah's) ! Yo Gabba Gabba Let's Dance! :))

p/s: Mummy and Daddy pun suka.. Hehehe..

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