Thursday, December 16, 2010

David Blaine Malaysia.. :)

Hehehehe.. yup, no kidding! Hubby came to fetch me and on our way home, he told me a story.. Well, on what happened to him this morning.. I was listening to him religiously, when he said that somebody came up to him and did some magic tricks right infront of his eyes! Huhuhu..

Hubby was somewhere in the morning, and right after he parked his car, this one guy came and approached him, saying that good things will happen to hubby in February 2011, which is next year lah kan?? Hehehe.. He did mention that hubby will be succesful and all.. Wait, the good thing that may happen?? Kot2 mummy deliverkan baby H in February ker?? Hehehe.. No no, please baby, full term okay?? The 4 of us kena banyak bersabar.. :) Hehehehe.. We will see each other ofcoz, InsyaAllah.. :)

Hubby was a little bit scared and confused, sebab he thought that the guy might want to put a spell on him or something, yup, hypnotized (pukau) etc, and inside, he kept on reminding himself not to fall to any of what the guy said.. But this guy kept on telling him that hubby was a lucky guy, and bla3.. Huhuhu.. Yup, lucky seems to be something that we are longing for now, and as hubby was stressing on that, i told him that we shouldn't trust what the guy said, but there's no harm of waiting and see whether he was telling the whole truth.. :P Hehehe..

Okay back to the magic tricks.. Suddenly, he asked my hubby, his name, and his date of birth (at this point, i was like, 'jangan la dia minta number account, or i/c number or any personal details' - mana lah tau orang macam ni pukau and what not) hehehe, and hubby said 'no' he just asked his name and DOB.. As hubby was writing down his name and DOB, this guy wrote something else in another piece of paper, and once finished, he crumpled the paper and gave to hubby.. Then, he asked hubby : 1) How many siblings do you have? and hubby went '4'.. 2) What is your favorite color? and hubby went 'dark blue' 3) What is your favorite number? and hubby went '1'.. :P

Then he asked hubby to open the crumpled paper in hubby's hand, and to his surprised, on the paper, he saw 1) 4.. 2) dark blue.. 3)1.. All the answers to all his questions! Oh man! Hubby was overwhelming, and excited at the same time.. This fella continued saying that he could tell hubby everything about my hubby's life, his hobbies, his good and bad habits and so forth, which ofcoz something interesting for us to listen right? Then he said, 'but i need you to write down how much you wanna donate to me'.. Yup, this fella travel from one place to another, and he needs some money in order to do so..

Hubby was kinda shocked, since if he was that good, why must he ask for donations? Hubby quickly ask him 'how much?' and continued with 'i don't have any..' This fella said that he didn't mind the sum of money that hubby wanted to donate, he said he would be happy at any.. Hubby started to feel scared, just in case this guy did something to him, and quickly said sorry that he had none, and quickly left the scene.. This fella didn't say anything, but only God knew how hubby felt at that point of time.. Huhuhu.. He was really scared.. Huhuhu..

After i heard the story, i commented, and being sarcastic, i asked my hubby ' if he was that good, he would be rich by now, right?? Just look at David Copperfield and David Blaine.. they can turn plain paper into dollar notes, which is kinda insane, right? but maybe this guy was good, but not THAT good! huhuhu.. And then hubby replied, 'but actually, i was wondering, if he could really read my mind, he could have known that i have 'none'!! Hahahaha! Sarcastic daddy!! Betui gak! Huhuhuhu..

Giler lah magic, aneiiii !! :P Hehehehe.. Naper dia tak tulis blue jer?? But very detail, 'dark blue'.. Huhuhu.. Scary! :P
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