Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daddy's and Mummy's birthday present!

Hmmm, macam2 kan nak post kat blog.. Hahaha.. mood datang nak menaip jer.. Bukan cerita ceriti yang penting2 sangat, sajer jer jot down something buat kenangan.. Hehehe.. Currently ada di office, baru lepas buat satu task, and now rehat kejap sebab hujung2 tahun ni tak banyak keje, but kalau duduk saja pun letih, betul tak? Hehehe..

Tadi lepas i post jer my latest entry tuk my dear friend, Zura, i saw our Daisypath, and it stated there yang Daddy and Mummy's nyer anniversary is just around the corner.. Dah tak sampai sebulan.. Oh my, cepatnyer.. We are going to hit our 2 years anniversary.. Hehehe.. More or less, another 2 weeks and 3 days jer lagi before our anniversary.. :)

Yup, 2 years dah and 2 years gak macam2 jadi, hehehe.. yang best, tak berapa nak best, hehehe.. Tapi apa2 pun, dalam 2 tahun ni gak, kitorang dah nak dapat 2 orang anak.. Yer, laju kan?? Yup, i am in shocked too, sebenarnyer.. Hehehe.. But rezeki kitorang adalah anak2, and semoga anak2 ini akan jadi anak2 yang soleh, and ada rasa tanggungjawab pada keluarga, and society.. InsyaAllah and Amin.. :)

Okay, back to my topic.. Last year, mummy tak dapat nak prepare daddy apa2 for his birthday party.. I was in my pantang.. :) But i did give him happiness in being a daddy to Muhammad Khalif Aidan.. :) Daddy's birthday is on the 30th of September, and Aidan's is on the 13th of September.. There goes your birthday present daddy.. Your own flesh and blood that you can call 'son'.. :)

And for this year, daddy terus kata 'oooh, i pun dah ada hadiah untuk u.. hehehe.. H insyaAllah will be delivered in March, same goes with my birthday.. Her EDD should be on the 23rd, but Dr said maybe gak on the 26th.. Huhuhu.. (If 26th, sama lah ngan mummy, and every year leh celebrate together! How sweet).. :) so, that's my present for you'.. :) Okie dokie daddy.. :) Thanks.. Hehehe.. Tuh pun hadiah from me to myself.. Hahaha.. My new bundle of joy! :)

Okay, jimat! :P Kekeke..

P/s: Gambar2 kenangan mummy and Aunty Lin.. She captured these pics for mummy.. :) I wasn't that in love with the gown, but gown tuh dah ada dalam package, so we figured better use it gak, at least for snap2.. :) Gambar banyak gerak2, sebab kitorang guna camera biasa jer.. Bukan yang pro tuh, but i love the sentimental part of all, my dear friend, yang captured that true moment, when i expect beautiful things and the best in my marriage.. Oooh, gambar personal so, bukan ala2 pengantin baru kay? Ni memang tak control ayu.. Hehehe.. Miss my chicas moments.. :)
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