Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hana Tajima, pretty as a picture! :)
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Familiar with this name, Hana Tajima?? If yes, then you should know 'Maysaa'.. :)

Gorgeous x 10 !!!
One gorgeous girl, she is! Hana Tajima.. I just can't get enough of her.. A very stylish young lady, with good taste and passion in fashion.. and the wonderful thing is that, she is a designer for Modern Muslims Apparel, MAYSAA!!

Hana Tajima, yup a great mixture of Japanese daddy and English mommy.. She's so sweet, lovely!! She just converted to Islam like 4 years back, and since she has this incredible taste and style in dressing up, she decided to come up with her on line, and Alhamdulillah, Maysaa is currently doing oh so well! And yes, i heard Maysaa is already here!!.. :) Woot2!! -oooh, Maysaa is based in London, actually.. :)

Hana and Yuna (our dearest song bird are great friends) and i heard that they collaborate together to make Maysaa BIG and a HIT here! Yup, the launching part already finished.. :( and i wasn't there.. How come?? Kekekeke.. It was held on the 13th of December, yup, 3 days ago at Solaris Dutamas.. Sooooo sad!

Okay, the clothes that Maysaa wants to introduce are modern apparels, and from pants, to long skirts, to cute tops and all.. Yup, i heard noises coming from somewhere, saying that the clothes line don't really suit the guidelines of the right Muslimah Apparel.. Yup, they were talking about the tops and pants yang agak ketat or body hugging.. BUT, don't forget that, we choose what we want to choose.. If we think that it is not right to wear them, then don't, and this is where mix and match comes in.. You don't have to follow exactly what the models wear, and be creative about it.. And the most important point is that, not all of her clothes are body hugging.. Well, she stresses on being simple, and simplicity shouldn't be that bad right?? Just do what you think the best and right for you.. Enough said.. :P

Okay enjoy the pics of this gorgeous Hana Tajima.. Later i will attach few of her clothing lines kay?? Yup, call her Stylista!!

p/s: Tak sabar nak diet after deliver, and nak try to wear modern islamic apparel.. Well, it doesn't have to be Maysaa! Kalau Maysaa, bestnyerrr! :P Just make do, jer.. Hehehehe.. Angan2 yang tinggi kan?? Turun dulu berat badan, please! :P

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