Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello mummy's baby girl.. :)

Hmmmm.. i was so busy with everything, mummy forgot to update the date that i got to know that mummy is carrying a girl.. ( like double, triple confirm.. :)) Harituh dah 3 docs yang bgtau mummy benda yang sama, but ayat2 diorang selalu ended up with 'girl, kot..', 'rasanya, girl' and 'macam girl'.. errgggg! Hahaha.. Semua jawapan yang mummy dengar, bagi mummy rasa cam nak totally agree with them ker, atau nak tunggu lagi.. But i got the feeling dah, just that mummy nak dengar la from their sides.. :) But 'kot, rasanya, macam' memang tak leh pakai.. Hahaha.. Better mummy tunggu lagi.. :)

Yup, last Wednesday, 15th of December 2010, mummy went to see Dr Mas from Klinik Ajwa, and she was the one who confirmed it, with explanation lagi on the screen.. Aidan and daddy were there, and mummy felt like loughing out loud, when i saw your brother Aidan, with his curious/ confused face, and he looked at me puzzled.. Daddy kept on telling him to look at the screen, and daddy went 'look at that.. that's adik..' and you looked at the screen, but back at me in just a second.. Huhuhu.. One beautiful heart he has there right?.. He was very concerned, i guess.. Not that he understood things sangat, but from his look, i knew that he cared.. Oh my baby, you one lucky girl to get to know him, and more awesome as you are going to be his baby sister.. You will love him as much as i love him.. There's nothing about him not to love.. :) And he sure loves you too.. Soo soo much!

The news that spread about mummy, carrying a girl got some very nice feedbacks.. Everyone was and still happy for me, especially our family and mummy's friends.. They wish us the best, and pray for our safe delivery.. InsyaAllah, my love.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Semoga doa kita terjawab, and everything goes really well, just like what we expect.. Amin.. :)

" Oooopsss, terlebih sudahhhh.. " Ngeeeeeee! :D
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