Sunday, December 19, 2010

Edit yang tak berapa menjadi, sebab still tgh belajar macam mana nak edit.. Hahaha.. Later lah yer.. Let me have my own sweet time, learning how to edit like meletopppsss! Hehehe.. :P

TODAY'S NEWS: We have good news to share!

Yup, the photoshoot went so well, Alhamdulillah.. Achik even came to sleep at our house last night.. We were so excited about today's photoshoot.. Okay, fine.. Mummy was the most excited person of all.. Hahaha.. Yup, the fact that Achik Ieta and Aunty Laili decided to help for the photoshoot, left me smiling days and days, sebab i would love to create a tradition in my family.. To treasure all the memories, each year, through pictures.. :)

Aunty Laili took nice pictures of Aidan.. I asked for a close up ones, and ofcoz the 'playful' / informal versions.. I just loveeeeeee.. all of them.. They were so nicely captured.. I even told my SIL, these pictures are for me to look back later on, masa dah tua, hahaha, and i would cry for sure! Hahaha.. Yup, my sentimental heart, emo sungguh kan?? Kekeke..

Both photographers and my new fav model were in good mood, and the energy was just superb! Aidan was overwhelming for sure, as he had no idea what we were trying to do, up until Aunty Laili showed him few pics that she had taken earlier, and after each shooting sessions, Aidan would looked at himself in the camera (hahaha, ala2 bagi comment plak, cam professional, hahahah) and tunjuk2, tanda agree 'yes, i love this one, and that one'.. hahahaha.. :P

So i suggested for my SIL and Aunty Laili to come up with a business.. Since they can capture nice pictures at home jer, without us having to go all the way to the studio (Uncle Shafiq, we still wanna snap2 pic with you okay.. hehehe), why not they come up with a photography business, where they bring the studio to your home.. Hehehe.. But don't expect la for them to bring all the lighting stands and so forth, as they charged you fairly.. Bukan kata nak set professional photographers price and what not.. :) But something nice, sweet and memorable for you and your loved ones.. :)

But in our case, Achik said FOC!! Hehehe.. But, ofcoz mummy kata i edit the pictures myself.. Takkan la dah FOC pun nak expect edit pun diorang.. Hahaha.. But thanks anyways Achik and Aunty Laili.. The outcomes are just perfect and very beautiful.. :)

p/s: Ada few snaps yang macam kelakar sangat, and i already thought of doing something with them.. Hahaha.. Ada yang nak send to 'daddy' sendiri (oooh, daddy tak tgk semua gambar lagi, sebab mummy nak surprise him with Aidan's funny pic), to our loved ones (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!), and ofcoz satu untuk Ateh.. Hahaha.. Sebab kalau Ateh tengok gambar tuh, mesti Ateh gelak sampai keluar air mata.. Hehehe.. Dan yang Tehhh! :P

Ohhh, our outdoor photoshoots tunda ke 2nd of January, and my prenatal pics pun sekali.. The weather was a little bit jealous of us.. Hehehe.. Wait for the pics yang dah captured today, kay?.. Jenuh nak edit.. For sure amik masa sket.. :)) Daaaaa.. :)
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