Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When he was just a few months old.. :)

His second time photoshoot in the studio.. :) Oohhh, our raya pics.. :)

Thanks Neat Lee and Laili !! The 3 of us just can't wait for Sunday to arrive.. Mummy tolong excited untuk Aidan.. :) and i'm looking forward for my prenatal shoots as well.. :) You guys are so awesome, and Aidan is one lucky boy to have such 'cool' aunties.. :) - Taken from my FB.. :)

Snap.. snap !!

Yeahhh, today mummy received good news from Achik Ieta, as she told me that Laili and herself would help us 'snap snap' Aidan's 1 year old, and mummy's prenatal pictures.. Hoorraaayy!! :) Yup, it's gonna be this Sunday! Yeepee yay yay!!

Okay, at first mummy thought of asking Uncle Shafiq jer snap2 kan gambar Aidan, and i would prefer for it to be a little bit formal, and few yang casual ofcoz.. Formal is the close up version- macam gambar untuk school magazine or passport like that.. Hahaha.. Yup, i know it's kinda hard to snap Aidan's picture in sitting position, sebab knowing this little fella, mesti dia nak ke sana and ke sini.. Huhuhu.. But yes, for casual ones, you can do almost anything, my dear.. :)

Uncle Shafiq memang dah janji nak snap mummy's prenatal pictures but i would love to see Achik and Aunty Laili's version dulu, sebab tak nak lah susahkan Uncle Shafiq.. Yup, one nice guy.. But Achik and Aunty Laili pun baik, nak tolong.. Hehehe.. Nak KFC ker Achik?? Kekekeke.. Aktiviti sesaja kitorang ngan Achik.. Okay lah, wait for the pictures kay?? Hopefully dapat upload together with Aidan nyer birthday party pictures.. Yup, still ada kat Achik.. Need to ask her to bring la later, takut tak tersave untuk kenangan.. Hehehehe..

p.s : After i told daddy about the photoshoot session with his adik, he told me that he could snap some of mummy and Dan Dan's pictures as well.. Hmmm.. I gues he misses doing potography.. Yup, it used to be one of his passions.. :) Okaylah daddy, you shall snap our pictures, and for sure we can't wait to see the final results.. Hmmmmm.. ** Dad, why don't you pursuit photography seriously then?? *Wink2 ;P

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