Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hehehe.. Aidan nyer stuff for his Monster's party.. Dah siap cikit2.. :)

Thanks for your support, guys!

Alhamdulillah, bila ada readers and friends yang support apa yang i love to do, rasa amatlah dihargai.. Hehehe.. And i am talking about art projects for my kids, and tak sangka yang ada quite a few of my readers pun dah start follow some of my projects for their little ones.. :) Yup, i dah lama menyepi bab2 art nih, bukan apa.. Actually projects tuh ada, and kalau nak tau, siap i dah buat tuk events for next year.. hahaha.. Yup, true my friends.. Mummy Aidan ni tak boleh duduk saja, and tak buat apa2.. Ada jer nak plan itu ini.. :)

And the reason being sebab tak post kat blog ni, sebab we are actually nak let baby H's or N's name to be a secret, maaaa.. Hahaha.. Yer, the projects that i did for her or him dah telah2 la nampak the names.. And nanti, tak surprise la.. Kekeke..

Since some of my new friends i met online, yang selalu jer msg i, tanya what's new with my arty- hearty projects, hehehe, i decided to upload lah sikit, but i shall cover sket our adik's name, and hopefully you guys like the projects.. :)

Okay, the projects that i am up to, are :

1. Baby H's or baby N's nursery.. I just love the progress and what i have in mind.. Perlahan2, insyaAllah siap and hasilnya like what i wanted.. InsyaAllah.. God's will.. :)

2. Baby H's or baby N's personalized romper, and baju balik umah from hospital.. Hehehe.. I did for Aidan and for sure kena gak buat for my coming baby.. Yup, i buat sendiri the design, the sewing and all, bur romper beli la yer.. Hehehe.. But for family nyer t shirts, my nephew, Ibrahim will do them.. :) Tak sabar nak tengok the outcome.. :)

3. Hehehe.. Advance mummy, i already did the kids nyer Majlis Akikah and Cukur Jambul's favors.. Hahaha.. Yup, personalized Surah Yasin.. :) Kalau hantar kedai tempah, tak ker mahal, so i did mine, with just few ringgits jer keluar.. And the results, i just love it.. We go for hot pink and black, and i chose black background, sebab sinve this is Yasin, so tak nak lah like beriya sangat with this color and that.. I just nak it looks, nice, at the same time serious, sebab Yasin is not something to buat main2, hokey?? Hehehe.. :) Ohhh, i dah upload the pics kat bawah.. :)

4. Some of Aidan's stuff for his next Monster's party.. Yup, i did the kids name stickers, and shhhhh, satu lagi should be a secret.. Hahaha.. Alaaa, kalau tgk the tag pun dah tau kan.. Yup, for the next party, we shall have 'Lucky Draw!'.. Yeahhhh, mesti anak2 sedaraku suka nih!! Hahaha..

5. The hoops, yup this one later will post, sebab nursery tak siap lagi, and messy lagi.. GIve us some LOVE! Hehehe.. :)

6. Other than that, still dalam my lappy.. dah design and stuff, cuma tak print jer lagi.. Later once adik is here, mesti print.. Yup, his or her baby announcement cards, and etc.. But for this one, if you can use your creativity, lagi best.. Sebab not only you can use paper or cards jer, for girls, we can use doilies (Super duper cute!), his or her first picture, and print buat macam postcard, pun best! Ayoyoyo! Best nyer.. macam2 la i nak buat.. :)

So, guys, i upload all these first, and i know, some of you guys yang tgh pregnant gak, mesti excited to do all these.. Betul tak Alya?? :) Hehehe.. Congrats dear, and jaga diri baik2.. Awal2 ni, kena extra careful.. :)


What we need : Surah Yasin, Black paper stickers/ wrapper (up to you) and personalized tag!

Since i use black paper sticker, kena lah paste directly to the cover, sebab i tak nak gelembung and stuff, tapi kalau wrap pun okay gak.. :)

Now, paste the personalized thingy tuh in the middle.. Ofcoz, edit and stuff kena buat sendiri.. hehehe..

Haaaa, lebih kurang macam ni lah hasilnya.. :) sajer i chose black background, bagi ada unsur2 elegant gak.. Hehehe.. And i chose the pattern for the tag, is because the theme for Cukur Jambul is 'Moroccan Kiss' maksud kata ada gak la ciri2 Moroccan tuh.. Hehehe.. Our Aunty Evie nyer idea, since she is going to come up with adik's buai on that day.. Thanks aunty! :)

Tadaaa, simple and sweet.. :) Less is more, and less, pun tak costly.. Hahaha..

Actually, kalau nak yang cantik sangat, you can visit diorang ni : BEST2!! Hehe.. promote sket, kawan2.. Kekeke.. :P

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