Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His baby dayssssssss.. panjang days tuh kan.. haaaa, maksud kata dah lama dahhhhhh.. huhuhu.. cedeyyy.. :P

To all mothers around the world.. :)

" It's not how much money you spent on them,

It's how much time you spent with them,

It's not only where you bring them about,

It's your 'presence' in their life that counts,

It's not how you think you did well that matters,

It's how much they feel and agree that you're the best mother that they've ever had!"

p/s : Let's create as much memories as we could with our kids! Time flies.. :)

Last night when i put Aidan to sleep, i was admiring Allah's creation, my kicik, and i saw the changes of his size, his bone structure, his hair (yang makin banyak tuh.. hehehe), his skin (haaaaiii laaa eczema!) and i felt really blessed, and scared.. Scared?? Yup, i know that time flies and scared to think that bila i sedar jer nanti, my kicik dah besar rupanya.. Oh man! I don't want to miss anything, like at all.. And i know i will miss this moment.. The moment that i still call him baby, boy, Cik Dan, Dan Dan mummy, yo bro! Hehehe.. So, a shout out to all mothers, let's enjoy this moment, and create as much memories as possible, you will miss it one day.. Huhuhu.. Yup, you may got pregnant again later, but ofcoz setiap anak lain2 right?? I won't get 'Aidan' again later.. Oooh ya, my Aidan is one of a kind! Ahaks! :P

This is the reason why i like to come up with this project and that project with Aidan and yup, i am talking about tangible things, sebab that's the only thing that will remind me of him, yup, the memories will still be there, ofcoz!.. But something for me to hold and have a look at later on.. Masa tuh, tah2 i dah berkedut lima ribu.. Hehehehe.. Lima ribu jer?? Nampak sangat kan, tipu.. Hahaha..

Aidan at 11 months old.. :)

Hiii.. you can find us at 'Tweet tweet' also.. hehehe.. Mummy's tweet tweet : Sara_tclr!! :) Yer, twitter lorrrr.. :P Hehehe..

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