Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jom join TotSites!

MODE : Updating Aidan's Totsites yang ehem2, bersarang! Hehehe..

Hello to all mothers.. Especially my circle of mommy bloggers!

Jom, jom la, jommmmm, jom, jom, jom! Join Totsites! It's free! And isn't it awesome for your kids to have their own sites?? Best nih.. it's not a blog, but a simple journal about your kids! In a way, it's a place for you to record this and that, that relates to your kids.. :)

We joined this site, since June 2009, yup, i created this site for Aidan before he arrived, and sempat update this and that sikit2 jer, sebab i was more into blogging and yup, Aidan has his own baby record book, it's Amy Neben's! Sooo, chumell.. :) So, update sumer di situ and sini jer.. Hehehe..

But, hari ni, tiba2 jer teringat his Totsites, and terpk, what happened to it, yek?? Hahaha.. Masuk2 jer, hmmm, bersawang! Kekekeke.. Tak update pun.. But rasa rugi nyerrrr.. Now i have to read back my blog, baca milestones Aidan balik, and whatever i think best to record, and record dalam his Totsites.. Kan dah 2 kali keje.. Hehehe..

But awesome lah.. Sebab if let's say your son and daughter pun ada this site, we can manage for them first and later, they can manage themselves, and can find friends in there.. Cuba bayang kan, bila diorang jumpa kawan at their early age, and sampai besar still can communicate, get in touch and masing2 can read about their childhood.. Aaaaahh, awesome! Mummy nak try activate the account back, and who knows, Aidan might find friends from all over the world! :)

Ooooh, you can find cute2 backgrounds too, and the one we picked last time is Ducky Ducky (yerrr, ada gambar duck! cute..) hehehe.. and orange some more.. :P But, we think we wanna update with new background lah, kasik fresh sket.. Hehehe..

Our totsite :! Kalau nampak tak update jer tuh, buat2 tak nampak kay?? We are working on it.. Hehehe.. :P

See ya!!

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