Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it just me, or the kids need to be a little advance, now?

Kelakar sangat today.. Bila fikir, still nak bergelak, teringat FB comments mummy ngan Aunty Ijan and Aunty Nadiah.. Hehehe..

Okay, citer nyer, we have this 'I love ABC coloring book'.. It is for Aidan, given by my friend as a party favor.. I guess, sebab my friend beli in bulk since it is RM1 per book, she may be tak perasan with the content of the books, and some more mungkin gak my friend nih jadi cam mummy, dok curious whether memang skang the kids should be a little advance than before, and that the content is actually okay.. Huhuhu.. Yup, it is too early to teach Aidan to use the book, but it is no harm to let him look at the pictures and for us to ask him, what's this and that? Okay..

So, this book ada dalam kete, and yesterday, sambil dok lepak dalam kete, waiting to get to my sis in law's house, i decided to have a peek.. So, mummy pun buka la satu2 page, and i came acroos, A for Alarm Clock and B for Bath Tub, and mummy went, "oooh, this is interesting" sebab i was expecting more like, A for Apple and probably B for Book! hehehe.. Okay, takper lah, then mummy buka the next page, now, C for Cabinet and D for Drawer.. Great! What's next? E - Electric Wire, and F for Fork.. Mmm, wait! E for Electric wire?? Woooooooo! Interesting nyer, and berkerut dahi mummy sebab rasa macam tak sesuai.. hahaha..

After few pages lagi mummy dok tengok2, i came across few lagi words yang memang tak masuk akal (for me) to introduce to the toddlers, sebab the words is much more 'bigger' then them.. And i asked my self, "is it me yang rasa benda nih satu macam, or that memang budak2 skang should be exposed to such powerful words?" Sebab, bila mummy sampai jer kat Q, mummy terus gelak kuat2.. You know why? Ada ke, Q for Quartz Clock?? Hahaha.. Mummy terus terbayang kalau mummy tanya Dan Dan, "Dan Dan, say Quartz Clock.." Tak ker terbeliak mata anak mummy sorang tuh, and lidah pun terbelit nak sebut.. Hahaha.. I don't know but mummy rasa cam tak sesuai.. Hehehe..

So, i wrote it in my FB, and bergelak sakan kitorang 3 sebab masing2 ada saja nak komen about the book.. Mana tak nyer, buku tuh siap tulis 1 Malaysia Series.. Haiiii, walaupun seringgit, bukan ker elok kalau guna simple and easy words for kids to understand and able to follow?? Daddy dok buat2 lawak, cakap kat mummy "bakar, bakar jer buku tuh" hehehe, and mummy kata, mummy rasa nak email jer the publisher, nak kata "suka suki jer hati korang yek".. hehehe.. Sungguh lah kelakar..

Okay, meh kita go one by one, the words yang diorang guna in that book:

A- Alarm Clock
B- Bath Tub
C- Cabinet
D- Drawer
E- Electric wire
F- Fork
G- Grater
H- Handbag
I- Indoor
J- Jeep
K- Kennel
L- Letter Box
M- Mosquito Coil
N- Napkin
O- Oven
P- Plate
Q- Quartz Clock
R- Rug
S- Staircase
T- Talcum Powder
U- Urine Bowl
V- Video Player
W- Window
X- Xylophone
Y- Yard
Z- Zoom Lens

Kelakar kan?? Haaaa, tengok sini.. Kekeke.. :P Ayoyoyo!

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