Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banawi Studio, in the house?? :))

Hi all,

Yes, a short entry to promote my nephews.. Not in the picture, is Mr Hafiz.. They are my 3 super talented nephews, who have set up printing and photoshoot business, and currently doing oh so well.. :)) Thanks to everybody who have supported these guys from the beginning, in making it BIG!

As you can see, these are SOME of the t's that they had come up with, and what a brilliant way to promote your fav artist/ band that came down to Malaysia.. It sure is GREAT right??

You can also order your t's, personalized them according to your own taste, theme and budget.. hehehe.. I have promoted them in my FB, and Alhamdulillah, we got a great support from friends and families.. :) Thanks to Haiza, Kak Wati, Kak Fair, EZ, Nisha, Kak Ijan, and the lists go on and on, for the trust and support.. p/s: Kak Wati, it would be great to hear from you as i want to surprise Qhalish with his Angry Bird t's.. :) Thanks so much..

For Fathers Day, Kak Ijan had ordered 5 t's, for her and her family, and i am so proud with the outcome.. I shall post it here later.. Hopefully after Fathers Day, tak nak lah Abang Hady (the husband) got to know first.. Hehehehe.. Thanks so much!

p/s: Thank Abang Bahim for the t's taht you have made for Aidan and lil Hessa.. Pasni, nak yang Angry Birds nyer, and Pool Party t's lak.. kekekeke.. :P

Please visit : Bemz Banawi (FB) and Banawi Studio (FB) and also : :)

* 1 proud aunty, i am.. * :))

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