Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My beautiful inside and out sister.. :) Sha!

Your Personal Shopper USA!!

Hello guys!

Promote.. promote.. promote!!

Please visit this blog :, and you won't regret it! Looking for a place to buy stuff, affordable stuff? Yes, please visit the blog that i just linked you to.. :)

There, you can find a lot of stuff at affordable price.. Don't be surprised if some of the items you saw there are slightly cheaper than the ones you can find in the boutique and what not.. Huhuhu.. Yes, the intention of the blog owner is not to make crazy profit, but to help those who wants to look and feel good! Oh yeah!! :))

p/s: you can also ask her to find things for you.. What you need to do is to send her msg through her blog.. :) You can go for bags, clothes, shades and even things for your kids birthday party! woowee!! ... ohhh, wall decor!!!! I LIKE!! Thanks to: Kak Wati and Baizura, my reader and blog-mummy-friend for the support! Thanks!

Check check check check.. check it out!!

My nephew, Zach.. :) Missing this handsome boy!

... and my sweetie Hannah.. :) i guess, baju nih ada yang order, so she's the model of the day.. Kekeke.. :)
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