Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming real soon!

Hi everybody!

Okay, more updates coming on my kids and me! Up next :

1) Welcoming Mummy Jiha, and how we (Aidan and mummy) spent our day @ Snow Walk ICT with daddy, achik Ieta, mummy Jiha, and lil Hessa.. :)

2) Mummy and her first sip of Fushion Tea (FT, promoting our dearest Aunty Fair, from Fushion Tea)

3) Promoting my 3 handsome nephews and their first printing + photoshoot + fine art business. Go go Banawi Studio!!

4) Aidan and his collections of 'Fav Songs'..

5) Aidan can now count from 1 - 6.. Yeahhhhh!

6) Aidan's ABC video..

7) Promoting our dear Ateh's online business.. Later, please.. Check it out! :)

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