Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 3 months old, pretty baby!

Nur Anya Hessa is 3 months old today! :)) Yes, she is!!! :))

Some updates on my lil princess..

1. She is for sure a tall girl.. Oh my.. I have no idea about her exact height just yet, but from my observation, she is! Woohoo, not only she wears 6 months old shirt, but she managed to wear 1 year old pajamas that i bought for her (untuk disimpan sampai Hessa 1 year), and i guess it was meant to be fit (Hessa pakai just nice, tak fit.. ) :))

2. Milk intake sometimes every 3 hours, sometimes after 2 hours Hessa dah lapar balik, and SOMETIMES 50 mins Hessa dah bunyik balik.. :) Hehehe.. But, ofcoz bila dah kerap sangat, i need to distract her, bukan tak nak feed her, but sometimes bila she is actually full, but nak menyusu lagi, she will for sure muntahkan balik.. Some people say that at her age, sometimes babies tak tau yang diorang dah kenyang, or in other word lupa or something like that.. I am not so sure about it.. :))

3. Ooohhh, she goes for 3 ounces of Mamex Gold.. :))

4. Eczema? Yup, she has it.. Both of my kids have it.. What to do?? Hmmmmm..

5. Hessa dah pandai main now.. She likes to smile and giggle if mummy or daddy play with her.. She likes 'peek-a-boo!'.. :))

6. Attempt to terbalikkan badan is there.. Weeeeee! :)) Just can't wait for it to happen.. Bukan apa, once our babies dah start to show things like that, cepat jer masa berlalu later.. She wil then able to do this and that plak, and sedar2 jer, tomorrow she's gonna turn 1! Serious... :))

7. Love to sleep with mummy.. CUDDLE! Such a 'manja' baby!! Hehehe.. :) (yesssss, that's why Aidan pun nak attention, not that he's jealous, he would sleep right beside me or Hessa, and expect me to cuddle both.. :)) Cute!

Okie dokie, just a short entry on the latest Hessa.. :) She is for sure, my flower- power!! Hehehe.. :)

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