Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Stuff and Great Bargain!

Hubby always said to me, " No, worries.. there will always be next time" or " You will find something even better than this, next time", everytime i saw something that i was drooling over, but too pricey, or someone elses already paid the deposits and what not.. In short, i can't call it mine! Huhuhu..

As i am all about rare/ used/ antique stuff, it is hard for me to come across things that i love, without having to feel guilty, just by looking at the price! Hahaha.. You know antique/ rare stuff, you can't run from hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of ringgit just to get that small antique pot, and ended up, beating yourself on the head, and questioned yourself, "What was i thinking?" and at that point of time, it was useless to feel regrets.. You might as well just seat in the corner, and enjoy your pot! Hahaha.. :P Yes, i had the feeling before, the fact that hubby bought our day bed @ British India for god- knows- how- much, huhuhu.. Not that i don't love it, ofcoz i love it, and most of my guests did compliment on it, but yes, the feeling is there.. Maybe because right now, i am more about DIY and even cheap stuff, that may still help the interior to look great! At least, according to my own taste.. :) Hehehe..

Go places if you want to find the stuff that you love.. And my latest obsession, is wall decor.. Last 2 days, hubby brought me to SACC, and we came across few niceeeeee stuff! Yes, we went to survey baju melayu for daddy and Aidan, and came across this one kiosk ( but nobody was there to entertain us, the owner- the shop beside it, was busy downstairs as they too opened another kiosk for raya downstairs ).. The kisok that we saw, had few nice, antique stuff, and were actually on sale.. Pity that nobody was there to help us, so we decided to inform the girls from the shop nearby, and they asked us to bring the things downstairs.. On our own?? Hahaha.. I guess it is because, the things that we were interested in weren't that pricey and the fact that the girl also gave me this look like " You sure you wanna buy this- God- knows- what??" Hahaha.. To cut it short, i saw the sales lady downstairs, and she asked for RM35 each, and i was like " Adik, akak jumpa benda2 nih pun kat atas, tersorok2 kat bawah meja, and you asked me for RM35? Akak rasa kalau akak tak beli, memang benda nih takkan boleh jual, sebab orang tak nampak pun, kedai adik kat dalam, jarang orang lalu.. Kalau adik boleh kasik RM10 each, akak amik (ayat konon nyer, tak kisah, tapi dalam hati, berharap dapat diskaun, kekekeke), if not takper lah.. :P The girl was all smiling, and suddenly she said "Yes!".. So, i bought 2 of them! So niceeeee.. :)

And we made our way to another store, and i saw 2 stand candle holders, and yes, we bought them too.. At a very reasonable price.. Thanks to July- August Mega sales! Hahaha.. :) I love them, memang niat nak tanya my sis Sha, but i know it is hard to post stand candles, bulky and heavy too.. So, this will do.. Yes, if you see her blog, you can have a glimpse of her home interior decor, which i love! Wall decor is like everywhere.. :) LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!

So, it is true when hubby said that.. "There will always be next time!" :)) *wink2.. Hehehe.. :P Thanks!

For RM10 each.. Nice kan?? :) I would put them above my wooden door.. And yes, semalam saw something like this, but in pair.. So, i can use them as my curtain holders for windows kat depan rumah.. :)) Beautiful!

The candle holders.. Love them.. But Kak Sham, my neighbour bought hers, yang version tinggi lagi, and bigger in size.. Pun murah juga, sebab she said she likes to look around for stuff like this.. Bila jumpa yang murah, then only will buy.. And her house memang cantik! We can talk about all this berjam2.. Kekeke.. Her garden is so lovely! :)) Look at my Teracota floor, nampak macam dusty, but it is actually the moisture kat bawah yang bagi my teracota jadi macam tuh (as Evie told me), so, advisable to paint them again.. Aiyakkk, takper lah, tunggu dulu.. Lain tahun jer.. hehehe.. But my sis, Kak Nab said "Never mind, just let it be, baru nampak natural, just let it be".. :))

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