Saturday, July 9, 2011

Resemblance! Yes? No?:D

Yes, i am so shocked (still am, but should i??)!!

Okay, just now, saja i buka my blog and usha2 entry lama i, just to get myself back to when Aidan was still a baby.. Well, the fact that my dear son is sleeping right infront of me, rasa content and cair bila tengok dia, and quickly made my way back to when he was like 3-4 months old.. Oh, i miss that moment! :)

I was so shocked that i quickly called up hubby, just to show this one pic of him, carrying our little boy, who looked exactly like our little Hessa! Oh my! Serious! Hehehe.. Well, memang ada pepatah yang kata "mana tumpahnya kuah, kalau bukan ke nasi!" Sesuai ker saya guna pepatah ni?? Hehehe.. But, they sure look alike.. It's like hubby was actually carrying little Hessa.. MasyaAllah.. I am all amaze! :))

Here are the pics.. Some of them.. Sama kan?? Kalau few of my readers nampak lain, mungkin sebab you guys tak pernah jumpa Hessa face to face, or that mata mak nih, semua nampak anak sama saja.. Hehehe..

Okie dokie.. Tgk nih.. :))

Achik, sama kan?? Kekeke.. :P

My Aidan.. :)

My Hessa.. :)

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