Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ammar Huzaifah! :))

Last weekend we went to my neighbour, Delima's (also my ex- CIMB colleague) son, Ammar Huzaifah Advanced Birthday Party! :) Officially today, he is 1! How cute!

Delima posted on her FB :

" Its my birthday.. . I'm so happy today.. I'm turn to 1yrs old.. I'm glad to have 6 teethe n now I can stand n start to walk.. Happy birthday ammar huzaifah!! " - Mummy

How sweet!

Next, Eusoff and Hessa's turn lak.. Sweet 1 year old! Which is next year! Duhhhh! Kekeke.. :))

Kiss, kiss, kiss.. Skang nyer pattern, bila panggil, "Aidan.." Either he said "Hmmmmm?" or "Aperrr?" Wahhh! Kena tukar nih, "Yer, sayerr..." :P

Minum sampai tumpah habis, baju and seluar.. Biasalah, kalau tak, tak meriah.. Huhuhuhu.. :P

Happy Birthday again, Ammar!

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