Friday, July 8, 2011

My baby is definitely a boy now..! HEART HIM!!

Saper sayang mummy?? Tayeerrrr! (saya!)

Best kan bila anak2 dah start faham and some more boleh reply to what we said to them.. Aidan being Aidan, mulut pok pek pok pek.. "Mummy, nak tuh??" is his fav now, sebab suka makan jajan! Hehehe.. Yes, sometimes bila ada depan orang ramai, he prefers to keep himself quiet (mulut jer lah, but lari sana lari sini is a must).. :) I guess, he got that from his daddy, since i am more loud than daddy.. Hahaha.. :P

Last 2 weeks, we went to see Nenek Kj, and singgah rumah Cu, nak ambil buku yang Cu belikan for Aidan.. I love the fact that Cu suka advice me on this and that when it comes to educating our kids.. Well, she is a teacher, and knows exactly what she is saying, and for us, benda yang baik, why not we just follow, kan?.. :)

Yes, Cu agreed that my Aidan bukan jenis yang suka duduk and learn, and he loves body movements and songs bila belajar.. Cartoon? Hmmm, layan macam2 tuh jer, and then will find other things to do.. He loves outdoor activities more than watching cartoons, and terpaksalah mummy and daddy lupa jer hasrat nak pegi tgk wayang, walaupun bukan cartoon, sebab Aidan tak enjoy movies.. Takperlah.. :) Hehehe..

Since i know that flashcards work for him, but not as effective as songs or body language, i taught my Aidan something that he could cope real fast, although tak master lagi.. Hehehe.. I taught him about 'Body Parts' and ofcoz i love to experiment which approach should i use to teach him all these.. :)

My first approach is more to Direct Questions.. Like : Can you show mummy, your nose? OR Aidan, mana hidung? Tunjuk kat mummy?? ... and my son would smile and quickly find something else to distract me a.k.a MALAS NAK LAYAN MUMMY! Huhuhuhu.. So, i came up with another apporach yang Aidan actually dah biasa..

I loved to ask him, "Sapa anak mummy, angkat TANGAN?" and this fella would angkat his tangan, and sais "Tayerrrr (saya)".. Well, it works, kan?? So, i changed to.. "Sapa anak mummy, angkat KAKI" and the first round i did it with him.. To my surprise, he got it real fast.. Bila mumm tanya jer, he would angkat his kaki.. And tau bezakan tangan and kaki (kadang2 jer bila tak focus..).. And then mummy tried another part lak.. "Sapa abang Hessa, tarik TELINGA!" and showed him the first round, and after that Aidan pun dah tau which one is telinga! cool!

How amazing their mind is right? Great to see them learn new things, and to be part of their learning process is definitely awesome!

This is my approach and if you think it might benefit your kids too, try lah.. Yeahhhhh! :))

Mummy and Dan Dan

Mummy : Aidan..

Aidan : Hmmmmm..

Mummy : Aidan..

Aidan : Hmmmmm..

Mummy : Aidan..

Aidan : Hmmmmm..

- Mummy yang takder keje! Yes, mummy suka panggil Aidan with no reasons, sebab Aidan dah tahu sahut, walaupun "Hmmmm?".. OMG! Love him!
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