Monday, March 12, 2012

Ishhh ishhh ishhhh... dangerous right?? Bila main, memang diorang all out.. Memang kena selalu perhatikan the kids.. Adik suka sangat, regardless la macam mana Abang Aidan main dengan dia.. Ada yang nak kena tarik telinga nih.. Huhuhuhu.. :P

What's this?? session with Dan Dan.. :))

Mummy : What's this? (and showed him Spider card)

Aidan : Spiderman!! (with CONFIDENCE!! kekekeke)

For your record, Aidan.. This is a video of you revising your flashcards, on animals.. :)) You did awesome, at your own pace.. Good job, Aidan.. You got to remember, and recognize them since you were 1 and half years old, and new words keep coming in for sure.. :)) So proud of you.. :)) You did awesome in your other flashcards too.. Good job! :)

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