Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet + Funny Dan Dan = Mummy (in tears of joy..) :)

I always have this thing with me (actually started masa pregnant kan Aidan, up until today).. Whenever i feel really cold (walaupun time tuh tak sejuk mana sangat pun) but my body said that it's cold, it would just menggigil/shivering.. Usually it happens right after i hit for shower..

Last night, tiba2 jer i menggigil and cepat2 call up my hubby, and knowing this he quickly grabbed a blanket for me.. Aidan ran to the rescue and at first, he thought that i was just kidding.. Hubby told him to hug me, and he did.. When he saw that i was not playing around at all, and i slowly made my way to the hall, he told me this.. "Mummy, wait.. amik baju mummy, wait.. wait.." and he made his way to his room a.k.a family closet! :P I was in shocked to hear this.. Hubby came to us, and i asked him to wait and see what my little boy wanted to do.. And there he was, came out from our 'closet' (:P) and hand in my baju.. :(/:) Oh my, he actually remembers that sometimes at night, i would change their t's to their long sleeve pajamas (if it is cold), and he did just that.. :)) He brought my night gown and went "Mummy, nah, pakai.." At this point, i was in tears.. Tears of joy! And i was praying inside for both of my children.. Bless them, Ya Allah.. Anak2 yang baik (as i always call them- as my doa for them..) :(

And the funny part happened for sure.. Suddenly, he added, 'Mummy, wait wait..' I looked at him and said 'What else Aidan?' and he pointed to my... JEANS!! hahaha.. He said 'Mana??' since ada dua jeans dekat situ.. He asked me which one was mine?? Kekeke.. I laughed real hard as my baby wanted me to wear my evening gown with my jeans.. kekeke.. :P

My baby boy.. He has this beautiful heart that always make me proud to call him mine.. :)) And everyday he would surprise me with his unconditional love.. As i arrived home for lunch at my mom's yesterday, he was having his lunch, and when he saw me, he pointed to the dining table and said 'Mummy, makan, eat'.. :( Okay, crushed again.. :(( Anak yang baik.. anak yang baik.. And he would definitely asked 'Mana dad??' :)) Sweetness you! :))

Alhamdulillah Aidan.. Mummy sayang Aidan and Hessa sangat sangat sangat!! :)

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