Monday, March 12, 2012

On KidZania, and Super Duper HUGE Burger! Yes, it's HUGE!! :))

Hello hello.. Happy Monday guys!! :))

Last weekend was a great one! Thanks to daddy for bringing us all to KidZania, since last 2 weeks dah sampai agak lewat, dalam diam2 he decided to bring us there yesterday.. :)) Thanks dad! That very morning we went to visit our dearest Achik at KJMC.. Kesian tengok Achik.. Achik nak main2 dengan Hessa but my little girl dah naik phobia dengan hospital.. Hahahaha.. Dok senyum2 and gelak2 jer dari jauh, kalau Achik nak ambil, dia tak nak.. Maybe sebab tengok Achik atas katil hospital, teringat plak her experiences kat DEMC few months back.. Hehehe.. :P Aidan lain plak, terus jer senyap, behave sebab dapat I-Pad Tokma.. Huhuhuhu.. How funny when Tokba and Tokma suggested games for him.. Tokba said 'cuba main Angry Birds!'.. hehehe.. Cute jer Tokba.. kekeke.. :P

After that visit, daddy said nak bawa kitorang jalan2 di The Curve, and we had no idea yang daddy dah planned for a day at KidZania.. :) Aidan was soooo excited bila daddy q'd for the tickets.. It was amazing!! KidZania is simply awesome! We had fun there, but i guess Haikal, Nurin, Wawa, Mian, Iman, Bella, Dayat would just love it there.. The concept is pretty much suitable for that age, compared to my kids age.. But they have kindy- like place for the kids, and Hessa too can play with this and that.. :)

Yup, at KidZania, the kids are exposed to this so called, working life, as they can gain experiences of working; from being a doctor, to policeman, to dentist and many others.. Completing the task shall entitle them to their promised salary, and with the money, they can shop at KidZania.. Awesome! :)) I guess, when Aidan is big enough, understand and able to follow instructions, he too would love it there.. :))

And last night, Banawi Studio decided to treat us (the family) burgers, and it turned out to be 2 HUGE BURGERS!! Just to promote one of their t shirt customer, who is the owner of the said burger outlet.. :)) HUGE!! Okie dokie, SOME of the pics at KidZania.. Enjoy! :) Without captions.. I am too lazy now.. Hehehehe.. :P

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