Monday, April 2, 2012

Class with mummy - 4 Steps Sequencing, and What will happen next?

Yes, last weekend was all about preparing Afiq's 'hantaran', and only last night that i got the chance to seat with my boy and did some revision for his Linking Memory practice, and some story telling time..

4 Steps Sequencing (4 puzzles to make a complete story) able to let him be creative about how the story should end.. It stresses on Logical Thinking which is crucial for them to practice during their composition practices.. :) First, i let him learn about each puzzle first (came up with my MOST EXCITING STORY (hahahah) about a turtle (for turtle's puzzles) who loves slides just like him, and after i finished telling him the story, i asked him to do the puzzles according to the said story.. The funny thing last night was a story on CAT! I told him that 'Cat likes to EAT fish' and he looked at me like 'What?? Why?? Pity fish', all sedih2 face.. kekeke.. Then i said 'ala, Aidan pun loves to EAT FISH, right??' and he laughed out loud! Tau pun.. kekeke.. :P

He got this right, at his first attempt.. Yeah! :)

If i am not mistaken, they have like 10 stories for the kids to learn.. :)

What Will Happen Next? is more to conversation that i have to have with him, as i need to ask him few questions pertaining to each picture.. Stressing on his communication skills.. Just to let them be creative about how they see or perceive the pictures.. So, what i did, for his age, i used the pictures to practice his Linking Memory thingy, which is great.. What we have learned in class shall be practice at home too.. :))

Great! Try it out, guys! :)

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