Monday, April 2, 2012

Hessa and Dora!

Her new passion, Dora the Explorer.. :)) Yes, currently Hessa is soooo into Dora.. She would sing to Dora (her own way ofcoz) whenever she feels like it.. I guess she got this from Dan Dan, since Aidan too just love Dora.. It taught Aidan a lot, and now adik's turn.. :))

Ask her to sing to Dora's song, she would say 'Do Do Do.. Dowa!' Cuteness!! :)

You won't believe how much that bag actually cost.. Hehehe.. We got it from a gift shop (most items are from China) and it was so cheap.. Tihihi.. But quality wise, acceptable! :) It was one of her birthday gift from daddy..

Awwwwww.. Hugging Dora.. How sweet!

Mummy : Hessa, say Dora!

Adik : Do do do do dowa! :))

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