Monday, April 2, 2012

Loving Miss Nina, Alia Nina! :)

Basically, this entry is actually a testimony or what we think about Alia Nina’s BIG BOOK collections.. Well, if someone googled on this collections, who knows that they might come across this dear blog of ours, and got to read some testimonials from us..

Currently we just love to read to our dear son, name it story books, magazines and yes, he even love his picture dictionary that we got for him from Tesco.. 2 pages to go through after he finishes his 5 minutes homework everyday.. :).. He loves it! And I have been looking for the right books to introduce to him, and came across Alia Nina’s BIG BOOK collections! Awesome!

Yes, they are BIG with interesting colorful illustrations, big font size (suitable for kids who are learning to read- For Aidan, I can just read them out loud while i point to each word- a good start oh yeah!) and the message they would like the kids to really understand.. Just few pages, enough to keep them entertain, as thick story books might bore them, and in our case, if the book is quite thick, I would only read few pages for him, and continue with the rest later..

Yes, they are in Bahasa Melayu, easy daily words, and I guess it would help him to converse even better.. :) To conclude, I am pretty much loving the collections, and we only bought him one (6 books per collections).. I guess, to buy him one at a time might be more interesting, as to nurture him the habit to love books.. He would love the idea of spending some time at the book store, looking for the rest, and perhaps might appreciate them even more.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Loving the collections to the max!

Interesting right?? Love it! And the message is just great! :)

Do.. do.. do.. dora!

We also have Dora’s collections- an activity books with easy and fun quizzes and exercises.. Hessa loves the books too.. And currently, if you asked her to say ‘Dora’, she would say ‘Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Dora!’ hehehe.. Cute! (imitating Dora’s song :P)

You can get them at any book store available.. :) Sharing is caring! :)

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