Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alhamdulillah, it works!!
Please remain like this, oh please! :)

Yes, please.. Hehehe.. I was referring to Aidan's eating habit/ appetite now.. Alhamdulillah, after months/ a year of witnessing Aidan yang susah nak makan, and selalu jer buat stok or kepam food in his mouth sebab refused to swallow, i decided to proceed jer dengan ubat cacing.. Yes, memang i had few people yang advice on this, but when i brought my son to see the docs, actually more than 1 doc, masing2 said 'no, no need to do so, and it is just a phase..' But naluri mak memang tak boleh nak dinafikan, i decided to proceed jer dengan ubat cacing, and when i met the pharmacist, she taught me about few things that left me with big 'Ohhhh, yes!'.. The fact that Aidan sometimes would run outside the house barefoot is one of the thing that i agree, contribute to this so called eating challenge..

And now, i just love the fact that he eats a lot, no more kepam2, and sometimes he, himself would ask for 'nasi', which i never taught that he would actually do that.. Alhamdulillah.. I keep asking myself whether his appetite for nasi is ok only when he is around me.. Reason being? Yes, lama kalau nak suap anak sorang tuh makan, mummy jer kot yang boleh tolerate and tunggu anak sorang tuh to take his own sweet time to swallow food.. huhuhu.. But, asalkan makan and telan, mummy sanggup tunggu yer Cik Dan, walaupun jenuh signal hubby to chit chat with him, just to make sure he already swallow the food.. Kalau kawan sorang tuh asyik angguk and geleng2 jer, memang belum telan.. But when hubby has something interesting to tell or show him, and he too find it as exciting, cepat2 Aidan swallow food, not to miss any conversation with daddy.. Alhamdulillah.. Memang kena sabar jer for now.. Hopefully berkesan..

As for my readers yang face the same challenge as me, whereby anak2 refuse to eat nasi or healthy food (sebab jajan ok plak.. kekeke.. :P), you might want to consider bagi anak2 ubat cacing.. Once, my sis told me that kids yang regularly check up di klinik kerajaan, tak face this problem since bila umur cukup setahun jer, diorang akan bagi ubat cacing, unlike private clinics yang akan bagi by request, which sometimes doesn't help us, parents yang kurang arif in this area.. Sooo true! So, we just need to be alert and aware more.. :)

Among other things that you can observe, just to see whether your kids face this cacing problem or not are, ofcoz from their stool (ada cacing ker tak? :P), perut buncit, hilang selera makan, diarrhea, suka makan yang manis2 jer, and skin condition. yang agak tak sihat.. Bila your kids face this challenge, you know what to do now.. :))

I'm a mother, and happy to share this with you.. For the benefits of our children.. God bless.. :))

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