Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hessa's baby, Betty.. She can only play with her when mummy is around.. Hehehe.. Don't want her to get too attached with it.. For sure i don't want to catch her talking to Betty alone.. Huhuhu..
We love our Get- together session as we can eat a lot, chit chatting, and bullying one another.. :P Kekeke..
When the boys came over.. :) and Hessa's Betty.. :)
Our mini BBQ session with the boys.. It was fun having them around, and missed Farah, Fatin and the rest.. Since they couldn't make it last night, we decided to have a short get-together session again later, to celebrate Bemz before his BIG day.. :)
And as i was bz-ing myself with things at home, adik decided to play all grown up, taking Betty for a stroll.. Yes, around the house.. :P Thanks Achik, for Betty.. She loves her! :)

Love this pic.. Look at her, she is big enough to understand things, and currently, she loves coloring.. She would ask to do some colorings, and when Aidan left his work half way, she would say, "Abang, color!"- asking Aidan to come back and finish his work ofcoz.. I quickly told hubby to let her do her thing, loving the idea that my daughter loves Art as much as i do.. :) Yes, she is able to make few sentences already, short ones, and understandable.. Alhamdulillah.. And since Aidan is quite a chatter too, adik's vocabs are sooo unpredictable.. Like tiba2 she would say, 'using' for 'pusing', or 'alik' for 'terbalik', 'umpah' for tumpah, pedas, panas, gambar, buka, etc2.. Wahhh! Vocabs! Alhamdulillah..

Simple, and very relaxing.. :))

I just let them do their thing, and wait patiently for the shrimps.. Kekeke.. :P


Happy faces.. :)) My nephew Bemz, a MAN now.. :P

Hehehe.. I'm gonna leave you with our Banana Song.. We just love this song.. It cracked my kids, yes, they laughed real hard to this song.. And guess what?? As i am typing this, my son is watching the famous Charlie youtube.. Charlieeee!! :P He is laughing so hard although this is actually his 600 times, watching the same vid! Aiyoook! :P
  Both kiddos yang kepenatan after we sang the Banana Song.. Love this song coz it acted as a lullaby song to my kids as well.. Kekekeke.. :P Good night kids! :)
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