Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Applaro.. You are one beautiful outdoor furniture.. I am eyeing on u.. You will look great in my wet kitchen.. If i work extra hard, would you like to come back with me?? Hehehe.. I will surely take care of you.. :P

Aidan: Ok, ok.. Sorry mummy, Aidan tak sengaja..

When he is found guilty.. :)

Aidan, being Aidan is a very creative (another way of saying 'hyperactive' :P) boy and nowadays he just love to test our patience.. Me and daddy.. Not that he acts furiously or scream his lungs out with no reasons, (sometimes when ppl wanna play with him, like picking on him just for fun, Aidan would take it too seriously, and said "Aidan tak nakkkkkk!!") :P Huhuhu.. See, he has his reasons.. Kekekeke.. :P

And the funny part about him is that, whenever he knows that he did something wrong, and usually right infront of me, he would appologize, and usually cara Aidan nak appologize is so funny and very touching one, maaaaa.. kekeke.. Mummy yang nak marah pun tak jadi marah.. But don't mess with me, mummy bila betul2 marah memang jadi naga, even Opah pun would marah balik kat mummy.. Hahaha.. Ada few times kat rumah Opah when Aidan suddenly tak boleh seat still and asyik nak melompat, and bila kita stop, dia tak nak dengar.. I quickly grab him and smack his butt, (alaaaa, diaper ada kan Opah, and bukan kuat pun..:P) and suddenly, i heard this one familiar voice, and basically scolding me back.. Huh! Opah yang very protective towards cucu2.. :))

So, yesterday night, as i was doing some house chores and decorating my house, moving this, here and that, there, Aidan pun nak gak 'help' mummy.. I told him to go upstairs and watch the tv, and he brought his toys and started to keep it in the rattan basket i bought earlier, ala2 nak kemas barang lah kan?? He was so eager to keep all his toys when suddenly one of his toy fell off (tak rosak).. I gave him this 'I told you so LOOK' and he quickly said 'ok, ok, sorry mummy (with his hand gestures) and continued, Aidan tak sengaja!'.. I was laughing inside, as whenever he came up with new words and knew exactly the meaning and when to use them, i would be very pleased and fragile that i can't even hide a smiling face away from him.. :P Oh Aidan! I asked him to go up, and i heard he told daddy, 'Aidan tak sengaja..' :P kekeke..

Playing with adik can be fun, and sometimes can be brutal.. Hehehe.. Knowing the fact that adik is still small and sometimes adik beralah with him, mulalah nak take advantage.. And Aidan somehow knows that whenever i am around, it doesn't matter what, i will treat both of them fairly.. If adik took the biscuit/ toys/ whatever first, then regardless how bad he likes it, and wants to play with it, i would for sure let adik have it, as this works vice versa.. If he is at adik's place, he too would know that i will be fair and let him have them.. I always say, if i did not stop them now, someone might get hurt inside and takderlah abang nak buli adik bila besar nanti.. I choose to be fair.. :)

Hessa is a different story.. She is one independent girl, and sometimes kuat merajuk too.. :P kekeke.. Hubby said, she got that from me, but i believe she got that from both of us! Hahaha.. yes, dad pun suka merajuk.. :P Ayoyo! Bila anak sorang tuh merajuk, she would love to be left alone, and slowly bila pujuk, baru nak hug2 balik.. Masa baru2 marah, he would say 'No..' sambil tarik tangan, atau buat2 lembik.. Hehehe.. Bab nak pakai baju cantik nombor 1! Wahhhh :P

Ohhh, did i mention to you that i brought Hessa for Astro's tc casting?? Uncle Gary sent her to this Astro casting agents.. My daughter, and with her 1 facial expression! Apa lgi, ok jom balik! .. :P kekeke.. :P
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