Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Kareem!! Love you already!!! :) 

Happy Birthday Aaron!! :) 

Hehehe.. Such a cutey!!

Hi all, meet Kareem, :) and Happy 1st Birthday Aaron Ryzan!!

Kareem is Fadd and Apeng's new pride and joy.. How cute! Memang mirip the brother, Kazim.. :)) Congratulations Fadd!! I am so happy to see you just now, and you looked gorgeous as always, walaupun dalam pantang.. :P A lot to catch up, but i am sure, one day i can go and lepak at your place lama2.. Tihihihi.. :P Oh ya, my FIL came just now, and when i told him i just got back from visiting you, he quickly said 'Oh, yang husband pilot tuh ker??' Hehehe.. Yes, he remembers you.. :))
And later, we went to Cheras, to celebrate our OWN Aaron.. Hehehe.. Yana and Oza's son who just turned 1! He is so adorable indeed.. Yana is my friend, back in UiTM.. And a great friend for sure.. Back then, there were 3 of us, myself, Yana and Dayang.. What a bond that we had created, and now, masing2 dah beranak pinak.. Hehehe.. I am thankful to Allah for the friendship, and that we are still keeping in touch with each other up until today.. :)) So glad to see you Yana!!!
Pictures time!!!

Mummy and mini me.. :)) 

Playing matchy2 today.. :)) 

Cute tent.. Jom pegi school, kids! :)) 

Yana, i shall treasure all my memories with you.. Such a great friend.. :)) 

Meet Rozana, her eldest.. :) 

Happy Birthday again Aaron!! Aunty doakan Aaron jadi anak yang baik, anak yang soleh, and sentiasa diberkati Allah SWT.. InsyaAllah.. :))
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