Saturday, November 10, 2012

Theme: The Avengers.. :) 

 Super power hebat!!! :P


Abang Harith is 6!

The Avengers theme Birtday Party!
Thought that we arrived late, as daddy reached home from Cyberjaya at around 4.. Luckily, we were not that late, as Harith only cut the cake when everyone was there.. :)
There were so many food on the table.. Sister in law made nasi ayam and my mother in law made some nasi tomato, and yes, few other food too.. It was a small celebration but a sweet one as it has been quite some time that we had this kinda gathering, so i should say it was a blessed one, really..
The kids had a lot of fun too.. Wearing their The Avengers character's mask and yes, they were all in their characters, riuh satu rumah.. Running here and there, and yes, a happy boy indeed, my Khalif! Hessa kept on following the boys, and insisted for her mask too.. Pity baby girl, adik girl, kena main masak2 ker, princess2 ker, kay?? Hehehe.. Sian anak mummy..
Thank you so much for inviting us Mamayong, and thank you for the pressie too, Achik!.. :P Tak sangka Achik would buy Aidan and Hessa presents too, since it was Abang Harith's day.. Thank you!! :)) He loved it, sampai rumah pun dah tanya mana race car Aidan.. Hehehehe..
So, great Saturday, and tomorrow is gonna be another celebration.. A birthday party too.. Oh yes, Fadd, if you are reading this, tomorrow we shall visit you and your new born, Kareem as well.. :)) See ya, beb!!! :))

Happy boy indeed.. Happy Birthday abang! :) 

They can easily click.. Kata orang tua2 sebab uri tanam dekat2.. Is it?? :P 

Abang merajuk sebab he would like to have the cake knife, but Aniq insisted for it too.. Chill abang! It's your birthday.. :)) 

Hahaha.. Look at my son.. Kaku, terpaku over birthday cake.. :P 

My sweet honey Hessa.. :) 

Present for abang??? 

Presents for all!!! :)) Thank you achik! :)) 

Remote control racing car.. Boys just love it!! 

Now, say hello to the Iron Man..  

Memang Aidan suka Iron Man.. Kalau tengok youtube pun, sometimes would ask for it.. Hello Iron Man! :) 

Abang Harith is Captain America.. :))

Battle time.. Not to rough kay?? :P 

Expensive pose, only for Makngah.. :P Okay2, papa was there too.. Hehehe.. 

Hessa as Natasha?? :P

Playing with Asu..  

Now, battle with Asu.. Hehehehe..  

Coloring time.. From their goody bag  :)) Thank you!! :)

And ofcoz, not to forget, the brand new Achik! :) Congratulations!! :D
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