Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chocolate coated strawberries - Their creations.. :))

Cahaya Junior Masterchefs - Aidan and Hessa!!

What did they prepare? - Chocolate coated strawberries.. :))

Occasion: For Abang Harith's 6th Birthday Party..

Well, we sure had a good time last night, preparing desserts - chocolate coated strawberries, for today's party and also Durian crepe (okay2, this one we bought, and need to only defrost :P).. Both kiddos had so much fun, decorating the strawberries.. I was there to help too.. :))

Aidan was up for it for sure.. Everytime he saw Australian Junior Masterchef, he would ask me for his chef's complete attire.. Hehehe.. So, last night, i gave him the cance to show his so-called-cooking-skill, and i came up with a simple presentation for our chocolate coated strawberries.. Thought of using the sticks and just stick the fruits in, and perhaps use a jar to hold them.. Ala2 what we googled.. :P But i guess that our version of presentation, is much more easier for them, and less messiness.. :P Not to forget, cute too! :P

So yes, will bring this later to Abang Harith's.. :) I sure hope that we can make it there, as daddy has something urgent in Cyberjaya now, and actually he just left.. Huhuhu.. Not sure whether we can make it on time.. Hope for the best.. See everyone later, kay???!!.. :))

I couldn't find the perfect size or color for the strawberries.. These will do, right?? :))
Showing off the core ingredient.. :P

Chocolate dipping/ coating time.. :)) He did awesome, being careful at all times, and asked mummy to keep adik aside.. :P

Decorating time.. The exciting moment for sure.. :))

Siap, the first one! Aidan and Hessa were excited and asked for a bite.. Nak try katanya.. :P

The power of LOVE- version.. :P

Siap!!! Now, it's time to put them nicely in the refrigerator.. :))


 And today, it's upah time.. :P Have fun, enjoy your ice cream with chocolate chips, darling.. :))
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