Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Equally happy! :))

These pictures were taken last night, when mummy baru lepas prepare ingredients nak masak pagi ni for breakfast, and tengah tunggu laundry siap untuk dijemur.. :P Yes, macam ni lah with working mom, only malam2 i have time to do this and that, the house chores, class for Aidan, pamper myself and etc2.. Sometimes, when tak ngantuk then only i blog! :P Kekekeke..

So, i let them color and decor their own paper weight.. Happy jer anak2 and excited.. Hessa, every few seconds nak tukar color.. Hahahaha.. I love her loving arts!! I already mentioned about this right?? And she able to seat a longer time than Aidan, and just focus on her coloring.. Oh LOVE! Best kan kalau dapat send Hessa to Art class later?? BEST!!!! :D
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