Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy kids, happy mummy! :))

It's Pancakes Day! :)

The kids loved it!! Alhamdulillah.. Woke up to a sunny Sunday, with both kiddos and daddy yang masih terlena.. Sedap jer tido diorang semua.. Tihihi.. Tip-toed downstairs, and prepared them some pancakes! :)

So dah alang2 tuh, jom kita decor2 sikit pancakes.. "Surprise for my kids! Mesti diorang teruja".. Hehehe.. Especially Aidan lah since dia dah tau banyak, but then, Hessa yang went 'Andai, mummy' aka 'Pandai mummy!' =..= Suka, Happy, Overwhelmed! :))

Made one for daddy, but he is so not a pancake person.. Hotdog, burger, and seangkatan memang nombor 1, hahaha, so ended up with 3 pancakes for us! Hessa with 'Car and Truck' pancake, Aidan with 'Ships' pancake, and mummy with my girlie2 'BIG KISS' pancake.. Hahaha.. :P But then, since Hessa is a girl, mummy put some girlish element in her theme.. Truck Hessa truck jual flowers ok, everyone! Tihihihi.. :P Daddy's breakfast: Eggs, and Burgers.. Kan dah cakap??! Tihihi..

So, that's about it.. Love Sunday! :)

Cari punya cari, i have everything to make a pancake.. :)) Food shaper, we have a lot! :)) Kids love them!

Balance2 tuh ada yang mummy 'ngap' during decorating process.. Hehehe..

Cute!!! Decorating time!

Aidan's.. Anak mummy dia.. Rambut tak potong lagi sebab Sabtu busy di Shah Alam, Sunday is our lazy day, tapi Angry Birds toy dah dapat.. Erg! :P

Princess Hessa's.. Anak mummy dia.. Truck jual bunga for her.. Hehehe.. Cute sangat2.. :))

Mummy nyer.. Aaapp, aaaappp, no curik2.. :P

Jom breakfast!! :)

The settings.. :)) Now, where are my kids??

Here they are.. :)) He went 'Thank you, mummy'.. :)) You are welcome anak mummy.. :))

Loving it!! 'Peace'!!!

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