Friday, January 4, 2013

Kisah Mad Thai dan Serban di Masjid Jamek.. :P

Last month, we brought Hessa to see her skin's specialist in KL.. We went to Klinik Dr. Md Noh, situated in Jalan TAR..

To see Dr. Md Noh tomorrow morning means, sleepless night for me today.. Yes, the clinic operates as early as 6 plus.. Mmmmmmm, not really operate.. Well, the fact that the nurses would arrive early at 6 plus and that registration can be done once they are in, everyone wants to get the best number ever.. Patient #1! Huhuhu.. Why? Hmm, the first time we were there for Aidan, we arrived at 7, and already number 2-3, and by 9 am, the number was already 19! "Yes, lucky 9am patient, you are number 19!!!" My goodness!

So, last month when we brought out little Hessa, we arrived at 7 and we got number 2!! Can you imagine that?? Somebody came even early than us.. Hehehe.. If i woke up at 5.30 to prepare everything that morning, she must have woken up at 5!! Hehehe.. :P

Right after registering, and knowing that the doctor would only arrive later at 8 plus or 9, we decided to go for breakfast, and it was a very exciting feeling to be in the middle of KL that morning, where you could count the cars or you could even play tagged on the road.. Hehehe.. I just love being there that early.. :)

So, as we walked from this point to that point near Masjid Jamek, we saw this one group of Arabs who just came out from Masjid Jamek, and they were walking towards us.. Hessa stunned, but i was busying myself, checking out stuff at the flea market that opened early as well.. Hehehe.. :P Daddy carried her, and he too had no idea that Hessa was looking at the group of Arabs.. Yes, Pak Arab with serban.. :P

Right after they passed us, tiba2 our kicik went, "Ehhhhhh, mana Mamat?????"

Daddy and I laughed real hard and rasa macam nak nangis jer, sebab this little fella thought that one of the Pak Arab was Mamat, her cousin.. Yes, Mamat suka pakai serban, especially masa sembahyang or pergi surau.. So, when she saw them, Mamat came in her mind.. How thoughtful! :))

When i got home, and told Mamat about this, he too laughed real hard.. Well, my daughter has this soft spot towards her cousins.. Mamat and Amjad's name tak lekang from her mouth.. :)) Hehehe.. You know what, Mamat and Hessa even have their own secret hand- shake! Wahhhhh! Later will upload here.. :))

Muhammad.. :)

Model: Cik Dan!
- with Mamat's serban. :))) Hehehehe..
Stylist: Mamat
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